Mirthe Bron: Actress, Singer & Dancer

| 14 Foto’s

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Here are some new images of actress, dancer and singer Mirthe Bron. Because of her profession, she knows how to manage her facial expressions very well. This is what I like! So, to me as the-guy-with-the-camera, the shooting day was an easy job and time passed by too soon, as always.
Yes I know, finally new photo work after some quiet months. It took quite some time, because I had to wait for 3 months for the new iMac to arrive. But I’m back to business, also with my personal photo work!

I decided to work with even higher contrasts, smoke and some light flaring directly through the camera. Combining those assets can give very different snappy images.
The beauty dish is a great tool, sometimes even better than the Elinchrom Deep Octa. So, for this photo shoot of Mirthe Bron I used a large beauty dish with a 30 degrees grid in front of it. That gives a nice light falloff while wrapping the light around her: deep contrasts and soft transitions.

You should check the website of Mirthe Bron. It’s in Dutch, but it gives you an idea about how versatile she is. This actress can sing, dance and even modeling went very well. Be sure to listen to her voice: it’s dark, bright and pure, just like the tones in her images.

Sometimes I wish to know what tomorrow brings. Knowing what Mirthe would do, what life and experience will bring and give her, because of her talents. The world is small, especially our precious little Netherlands. Sometimes you only have to know the right people to gain success and to develop your passion more and more to the public.
I think, in some months or years, we will hear more from Mirthe Bron. She is full of creativity and ideas, with lots of energy and happiness.