Sarah: Korean Beauty

| 8 Foto’s

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As you probably know, I love working with special, pure models. Models with non-standard looks, like Sarah. The Asian world has many secrets to me. Not only secrets of beauty but also secrets of personality (these are dependent of each other, naturally). Sarah is and has one of those mysterious personalities: a kind of pureness, but also simplicity. Sarah just is who she is, and with the right light and right moments I loved being able to capture the best of her.

Asian skin has some nice features. It’s great being able to do all by myself: no external makeup artist, no thick layers of foundation: just an adapted version of my special beauty light, camera calibration for Asian skin and a basic retouching workflow. Being able to accentuate her features was a great plus to me, and another reason to keep loving working person-to-person.

Sarah, thanks for the great (too short) day and the fun we had!