Jessica: Some More Blonde Looks

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Jessica (HvE-20110811-8341)

Jessica, Model

On this shoot with Jessica, one of my favorite blonde models, I wanted to work in the studio on two technical things: flagging the lights and working with lens flare and the contrast reduction because of that.

Those two principles are already a contrast: flagging the lights means making sure no lights enters the camera directly from the light source. By doing that, I can draw shadows on Jessica her body with perfect control. I flagged my lights in combination with grids.

And, from the background I used some other lights pointing directly onto the camera with colored gels in front of them. At that moment, I had control about all the contrasts, all the colors and about the intensities and ratios of all my lights. You can see an example of the result on the right, and all the results on the images above in the featured slideshow.

Jessica and I also went to the IJssel, a river in the neighborhood and with some nice rocks and views near the water, perfect for some different and new moods and together with Jessica and her long blonde hair that really wasn’t a problem to create too. 😉

Outside I used a large Elinchrom Deep Octa softbox and a simple SpeedLite 580EXII fired through it, on the lazy E-TTL mode via PocketWizards. I used my Sekonic light meter which I under exposed for 1 stop to measure for ambient. With my camera on Manual the E-TTL system filled in the remaining exposure with the flash. Worked fine for this experimental images!